About Us

Total Body Dentistry

Total Body Dentistry is an integrated approach aimed at the overall health of our patients.
We combine our skills with other healthcare professionals to offer you an unparalleled service.

We can no longer think of the mouth as separate from the rest of the body.

What if your headaches, neck and back pain had something to do with the alignment of your teeth and jaws? What if the ringing in the ears, sinus congestion, and snoring had a dental component? Did you know that a well-balanced bite can help in ensuring your chiropractic adjustments hold and that an unbalanced bite can negatively affect those adjustments?

Structurally, an unbalanced bite can affect the working of the head and spine leading to a variety of problems including head, neck and back pain. At Bonfire Dental, our dentists understand the link between the bite, the jaws and the spine, and how it can affect your overall alignment and athletic performance.

We also recognise the large body of evidence within the dental research community showing the adverse effects of poor oral health on general health. Systemically, inflammation and infection in the mouth can give rise to toothache, bad breath and gum disease, but also general health issues including a link to cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and preterm low weight babies.

At Bonfire Dental, we also test the health and pH (acidity or alkalinity) of your saliva. Why is saliva testing important? It’s important because saliva is mother nature’s in-built protection for your teeth and gums. The quality and the balance between how acidic or alkaline your saliva is gives us an indication of how at risk you are to dental disease. Saliva testing offers a quick way of determining the pH of the body, important for those interested in maximising health.

If you’re serious about your health, incorporate an extensive Bonfire Dental Examination into your regimen. We check your teeth, your gums, and more when you attend for your initial consultation at Bonfire Dental.