Emergency Dentistry

Dental care when pain strikes.

Some dental care cannot wait. At the first notion of dental pain, Bonfire Dental wants patients to trust that their dental emergency will be cared for quickly and effectively. We consider this an essential service, since we know how important it is to you.

Not all dental clinics offer emergency services. When the time comes, it is comforting to know your experienced dentist is prepared to give immediate care.

What does emergency dental include?

Common dental emergencies include:

Toothaches – Generally caused by damage, decay, infection, or inflamed gums, toothaches can range from mild to extreme. Depending on the severity, quick over-the-counter pain relief can provide relief. You can also temporarily relieve a toothache by applying a cold pack to the area.

While they can seem unthreatening, toothaches should not be ignored. They have a tendency to worsen with time if not properly treated.

Chipped or cracked teeth – Chipped or cracked teeth can constitute emergency care depending on the form of tooth damage. While all should be treated, not all chips or cracks require immediate attention; however, if the tooth is sensitive or adjacent teeth begin to darken, it is crucial to seek emergency treatment.

Knocked out teeth – For the best chance at saving a knocked out tooth, always seek immediate treatment. It is not only extremely painful, but missing teeth can pose a considerable threat to your overall oral health. Where saving your missing tooth is not possible, Bonfire Dental may be able to suggest a solution to replace it.