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Mission Statement

Bonfire Vision

A community of inspired friends supporting each other to make empowering health decisions

Bonfire Mission

Our mission is to create lifelong transformational dental health, through education and empowering our patients in their own self-care.

Bonfire Values

Everything we do is anchored by our core values of love, contribution and connection.

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of people feel uncomfortable about their dental appearance


of all 6 year olds experience decay in their baby teeth


of 65 year olds have no natural teeth


of tooth loss is due to decay or disease

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We’d love to hear from you! Whether you are calling to book an appointment, for dental advice, or to know more about the Bonfire philosophy, we are only a phone call away.

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Meet our Dentists

Dr Linh and Tran Quach are twin sisters, dentists, and business owners. Bonfire Dental is the realisation of their wholesome dentistry vision, incorporating the best of science and nature to reach an elevated standard of care for their patients. The pair are passionate about the patient experience, and will always value your wellbeing above all else.

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Bonfire Integrated Wellness

Why Dentistry, Chiropractic & Yoga?

At Bonfire, we look at the big picture. We are passionate about you living at your best by empowering you, to take care of you! This is why we have integrated dentistry, chiropractic, massage and yoga into our scope!


Many people are not aware that headaches, neck and back pain can be related to teeth problems and misalignments in the jaw joint.

Bonfire Dental provides all aspects of general dental care and has an acute understanding of the intricate link between the spine and the jaw.

Together with our integrative team at Bonfire, we work to correct jaw and bite problems that impact on head, neck and back pain, due to dental causes, so that we can further help you, look after yourself!

Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

Healthy spine means healthy life! Chiropractic helps restore proper motion to the spine. When your normal adaptive capacity is under stress, chiropractic ignites your capacity to thrive again!

Bonfire’s remedial massage therapists further enhance your yoga practice and chiropractic care by using a variety of techniques to address soft tissue problems. Relax and release all your tension!


Yoga has stood the test of time. It is so popular because it works!

Relieving anxiety, stress, and helping you to find peace and increased productivity are just a few of yoga’s extensive benefits. This is one of the greatest modern-day self-care routines.

Come into Bonfire Jindalee and see our internationally recognised yoga teachers, caring and attentive dentists, results-focused chiropractors and therapeutic massage therapists!