3 reasons to visit the dentist regularly

3 reasons to visit the dentist regularly

Oh, the horror! Why regular dental check-ups can save you from HORROR-ble teeth.

Dracula and his zombie pals definitely didn’t get the memo stating it’s vital for them to have a 6-monthly dental check-up with the dentist. Apart from their teeth being crooked and lose from all that flesh-eating and blood-sucking, their breath smells gross too! Imagine all the bacteria build-up, plaque formation and tartar that coats the stained surfaces of their choppers? It’s not a pretty sight, even on Halloween Eve. Fear not, boo-tiful readers – we’ve pointed out just how grim your teeth could get, if you avoid that visit to your dentist.

To visit or not to visit? That is the question.

If you do nothing else this eerie October, visit your local dentist and get those fangs polished. Here’s three foul facts about what happens when you don’t say “What’s up, Doc”:

Decay looms

If you don’t brush and floss daily, plaque can build up and break down your tooth enamel and cause decay. This happens because plaque is created by excess food particles that team up with bacteria and united, stick to your teeth.

During your 6-monthly dental visit, you dentist will use professional tools to clean your teeth and remove this icky sticky substance. If you skip these appointments, these nasty substances will flourish, attacking your gums and teeth and create serious decay that may require you to get fillings, a root canal or crown. Needless to say, it can leave you with the foulest of breath.

Gum disease comes knocking

Speaking of breath, gingivitis is a very real and common occurrence, especially for people who don’t practice correct dental hygiene or visit their local dentist often.

If we don’t treat the tooth decay through a serious clean, it can lead to periodontal or gum disease. Our gums act as heroes in disguise and protect our teeth and root by securing a tight cover around them. When plaque bacteria attack our gums, they swell and bleed – allowing the bacteria to creep in underneath.

This onset is known as gingivitis and your breath will smell so bad, no ghoul will come near you. Periodontal disease is the final result of gingivitis, and a healthcare professional will need to give them a good scrub. Some of the best ways to fix it include proper brushing and flossing; using an antibacterial toothpaste to kill that bad bacteria; and of course – bi-annual visits to your trusty dentist!

Your smile is just a stain

When it comes to your pearlers, stains can attract more bacteria to stick to your teeth and might be a sign that decay has already set in. Stains to your smile can be avoided through a decent clean by the competent hands of your dentist.

Drinking coffee, tea and wine, or smoking cigarettes can all lead to yellow and dull teeth that don’t do your mouth any justice.

With routine visits to the dentist, there are heaps of treatments available to help remove these stains and get your smile back on track. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and can be done in the comfort of your lair, or on the dental throne.

Reasons to visit your local Dentist, Bonfire Dental, for your check-up and clean

It’s ghastly to consider the swamp of bacteria that could be lurking in the deepest, darkest crevices of your mouth, if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while. Put your mind at ease and smile from the heart, and book those regular check-ups today.

The Bonfire Dental team live the ethos of preventative dentistry and thus want to help you avoid gum disease, cavities, enamel wear and much more. To maintain the very best in oral health, give us a call today and let’s turn your boo-hoo’s into yahoo’s!