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Bonfire Dental offer chrome (metal), acrylic (plastic) and Valplast dentures for Brisbane patients

Dentures are one of the most effective, proven options for replacing missing teeth. Whether you are missing two teeth or all of your teeth, there is a denture solution for you.


What are dentures?

Bonfire Dental offers three different types of dentures:
Chrome (metal) dentures

Chrome dentures are removable dentures for replacing any number of teeth. They are made with acrylic teeth and gum placed on a framework of metal ally which is fitted behind your teeth. To hold the denture securely in place tooth clasps are added.

With a thin framework and clasps to anchor the denture, chrome dentures are usually quite comfortable and secure. If your remaining teeth are in good shape, the design of the chrome denture will be minimal. This means your oral hygiene will be easier to maintain compared to other, bulkier dentures.

Process for chrome dentures

You will need 4 to 5 appointments for chrome dentures. These appointments will involve:

  • Taking impressions of your teeth and gums
  • A record of your bite is made
  • Metal framework will be checked to make sure it fits
  • Appearance and fit of teeth are checked
  • Last step: denture is fitted, any necessary adjustments are made.

How long will chrome dentures last?

On average, chrome dentures will need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years.

Acrylic (plastic) dentures

An acrylic denture can be used for partial or complete dentures, and is made of a special plastic. Because of the nature of these dentures, we typically prefer to only use them when you are missing most of your teeth, as chrome dentures are better for replacing a small number of teeth.

Process for acrylic dentures

The process for these dentures involves 4 appointments. However, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s oral health is different and will need to be assessed individually for the most accurate results.

  1. Impressions of your gums are taken. If you have any teeth left, impressions will also be taken of these.
  2. A record of your bite is taken, and colour for your artificial teeth is selected.
  3. A model of a denture will be tried to check the final fit and appearance before your denture is made

How long will an acrylic denture last?

Similar to a chrome denture, an acrylic denture can last between 5 and 10 years. The actual length of time between dentures will depend as well on how many teeth you have left. With no natural teeth your jawbone will slowly atrophy and shrink—this will cause your denture to become loose. In this circumstance, you may need to either have the denture altered or replaced entirely.

Dentures process

Valplast dentures

Valplast is brand of flexible partial denture renowned for its comfort, functionality and aesthetic appeal. These dentures are faster to make than normal dentures, and are much more comfortable than other types of dentures.

The comfort is due, in part, because Valplast use a material which is flexible and can balance chewing forces over the whole denture rather than just individual support points. This distributed chewing force technology also helps the denture last longer than your typical denture—and they can also require fewer relining appointments.

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Dentures from Bonfire Dental

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